According to a new report, first-person hack ‘n’ slash game Ryse is the major launch title for the next Xbox.

Sources close to The Verge have said that the Roman Empire Kinect-heavy game – unveiled at E3 2011 – has been rewritten by Crytek and Microsoft Studios to harness the power of Microsoft’s upcoming console (Durango).

Allegedly Ryse will take advantage of the improved Kinect sensor that will ship with the Durango, and allow players to slash and kick at enemies.

The Verge’s sources also say that other launch titles include a Forza title with "super life-like" graphics, a zombie game, and a family game set on an island with Pixar movie-style graphics.

The latter apparently utilises Kinect to scan the player’s body and generate a virtual character for them.

Other rumours: there are a lot of third-party first-person-shooter titles coming to Durango, and Xbox Live will switch to using currency rather than Microsoft Points.

Microsoft is expected to hold a special Xbox event in May, ahead of a full unveiling at E3 in June.