Microsoft is using an x86 series processor from AMD in its next console, according to Bloomberg sources.

The anonymous sources claim Microsoft’s upcoming console will feature a Jaguar CPU with integrated GPU, rather than an upgraded version of the IBM PowerPC tech used in the Xbox 360.

Such a setup would remove the possibility of backwards compatibility, but also bring the Durango more in line with traditional PC architecture, theoretically making multiplatform development much easier.

The Durango specifications rumoured so far have been fairly close to those of the PlayStation 4.

In February, Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 4 would be powered by an AMD Jaguar 8-core 64-bit x86 CPU and custom Radeon-based GPU, integrated on a single chip.

Meanwhile, The Verge is claiming it has confirmation that Microsoft will reveal the next Xbox at an event on May 21.

That date was first mentioned by What The Tech’s Paul Thurrott, who said the unveiling had been pushed back from April 24.