Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams thinks that violent games are too easy from a creative perspective, and that fewer should be made.

"We're in an industry full of very intelligent, knowledgeable, and progressive people,” he said today at the Game Developers Conference (via GameSpot).

“It's getting harder and harder for us to play these games and to look at them critically and say, 'This is OK.' This makes sense, especially as we get older."

"I would like to see less violent games out there. Not because they're bad or wrong, but because I think creatively they're too easy."

Creating more hopeful characters would be a step in the right direction, Williams said.

"Where do you go after doing a game like this? How can you make another shooter… that leaves your characters arguably alive?

“I think we need to get to a point where we can move back to maybe trying to write characters… that are a bit more hopeful. I think that might be a good first step."

Williams also expressed his astonishment that Spec Ops: The Line actually made it to market.

"Honestly, the game was very much an experiment. One that, to this point, I'm kind of really surprised that it ever made it to the shelves," he said.