Although Crytek recently picked up the core of the Vigil Games development team, Darksiders III won’t be happening anytime soon, says its CEO.

Speaking with Gamesbeat, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said, “We didn’t want to continue with Darksiders III, since that doesn’t fit with our strategy”.

“It’s not like we set the team on a specific game concept,” he added. “They’re actually going to work on what David and the team identifies as what they want to do.”

“Right now, they just know what the strategy of Crytek is and the framework we need to satisfy, but none of that drives what the game is about.”

Yerli also revealed that Crytek dismissed the purchase of Virgil at the THQ auction because "there were too many unknowns".

However, speaking with Vigil co-founder David Adams swayed him completely.

“I really liked David on the phone," said Yerli.

"He made a very good impression on me as someone who really cared, someone who is really passionate about what he does, and someone who is passionate about the team he works with.”

Adams is now heading up Crytek's new US studio in Austin, Texas, where the former Vigil Games team are working on an unannounced CryEngine title.