Gears of War: Judgment’s multiplayer lead designer says that the game’s class-based Overrun mode was specifically designed to be played as an eSport.

Speaking with Forbes, Epic’s Quinn DelHoyo said that his team had made the game faster and easier to understand in the hope of capturing a piece of the eSports crowd.

“We’re moving the clunkiness and frustration that sometimes players complained about,” said DelHoyo.

“We made it very simple, and that’s not to say it’s shallow. It’s very easy to understand, and to me that’s very important for anything.

“If I want my grandma to watch a football game with me, or my wife to watch basketball, it needs to be somewhat simple. And I definitely think OverRun is something that people can use at an eSports level.”

Overrun’s design was influenced by MOBAs such as League of Legends, said DelHoyo.

“It actually has influences from MOBA games, where you have a map and there are three lanes on those games.”

“In our game, we decided to have two lanes on all the OverRun maps. You have a left and a right lane to make the combat focused and intense and fast-paced. That was one of the influences we had in making the game.”

Gears of War’s other attributes make Judgement a good candidate for an eSport, DelHoyo added.

“From a spectator perspective because it’s a third person camera, OverRun is good for eSports because you can see who the player is controlling.

“And with the monsters that are in OverRun with the Locusts and all the other classes that are easily defined, someone that’s commentating or casting could easily hypothesize [and] predict what is going to happen.

“And that builds the drama and the intensity that people that watch sports or eSports really enjoy.”

Gears of War: Judgment is due out on March 19 on Xbox 360.