343 Industries head Bonnie Ross believes developers need to put more thought into gender roles within games.

Speaking with Gamespot, Ross said that the way gender was expressed in-game had an effect on how that game’s community expressed itself – for better or for worse.

"As developers, we have a personal responsibility to think about how our games come across," she said.

"With Halo 4, we were very deliberate in thinking about who should be female and who should be male in the game, and if we came off stereotypical, we went back to question what we were doing and why."

Ross used her own role at 343 to illustrate how outdated the depiction of gender in many games was.

"Most people look at a franchise like Halo, and automatically assume it's run by a guy," she said.

"People are surprised to learn that it's a woman who's running the Halo 4 show. When Microsoft created 343 Industries to take over Halo, I was given first choice to run the studio because I had proven myself. My gender played no part in it."

Halo 4 is due for release on November 6 on Xbox 360.