Resident Evil 6 is twice as long as its predecessor due to its three distinct storylines, says Capcom.

Each storyline may be played through from the perspective of one of two characters, and each is slightly shorter than the full Resident Evil 5 campaign.

“If you play all three storylines all the way through, you’ll see everything you can see from every side in terms of story… It’s quite a lot of volume: we estimate that each one of these storylines is probably around 70% to 80% of the volume of the whole game in Resident Evil 5,” said producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.

The game will also feature a crossover system where, at the points that the characters’ storylines converge, those not controlled by the player may be controlled by a stranger or friend via the net who happens to be at that same point.

“The concept of this feature is to have people joining you in real time and seamlessly, so whenever you happen to be at a point where you get to China as Leon, for example, somebody else in the world who’s playing roughly at the same time and they’re also about to get at that point or they’re already there as Jake, he or she will join you,” said Hirabayashi.

“The idea is more to have a surprise about who’s going to play with you.”

The feature can be disabled or limited to include a player’s friends only.

Resident Evil 6 is due out on October 2.