Kingdom Hearts III was a fun jaunt through a plethora of fantastic Disney worlds, but the journey was perhaps a little too easy for some.

Thankfully, Square Enix is updating the game with the much requested Critical Mode, which appeared in previous entries in the series.

Kingdom Hearts III director, Tetsuya Nomura announced on Twitter that the game's Critical ode will arrive on April 23 (PT). Check out the Tweet below.

Nomura stated that the studio has "changed things up from the previous games", but did not elaborate on the changes players should expect when booting up the update.

Traditionally, Critical Mode has provided the most intense challenge for players and in previous games, altered a range of in-game systems, including enemy health and attack strength to name a few.

While no further details were announced, I found the game a touch easy on my first playthrough so look forward to jumping in for some genuinely demanding battles.