The latest update to the PlayStation 4 Media Player application allows playback of 360-degree video and images via PlayStation VR headsets.

Updating to version 2.50 of the software adds the feature, as well as compatibility with high-quality FLAC audio and a feature that upscales MP3 audio quality.

In time-honoured tradition, the pornography industry was one of the first to take advantage of the new technology, with the company offering instructions for how to view its VR video library on the Sony device.

In an interview with VentureBeat, however, Pornhub president Corey Price criticised the PSVR's ease of use, calling it "quite lacking in comparison to Rift's and Vive's media playback support."

"Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard are the current leaders in ease-of-use and functionality support," he explained, "where everything can be triggered from the web browser on a mobile device."

Currently, curious PSVR users need to sign up for a Pornhub account to download VR videos; they'll then need to put those files onto a USB drive, open them with the PS4 Media Player, turn on their headset, and activate VR mode in the app menu.

In addition, PSVR only supports monoscopic equirectangular 360-degree videos, and none of the other formats available online at sites like YouTube.

Price said his company has "encouraged Sony to adopt the WebVR standard into their browser in order to make streaming in VR as seamless as possible."

"Until Sony fully supports VR media formats in their player or gives browser support for VR playback, the traffic [to VR video sites] will be limited."

Media Player 2.50 is out now for all PS4 users, with 360-degree functionality limited to those with PSVR headsets.