No Man's Sky may have a universe made up of billions of worlds, but its PC version is having trouble getting out of the atmosphere.

Players have reported issues including low or stuttering frame rates; crashes on startup and at other points; and problems with keybinding.

Many of those issues are duplicated on the game's PlayStation 4 release, but PC gamers had hoped the desktop version would run better than its console sibling - especially given the range of additional customisation options it boasts.

Developer Hello Games first suggested players make sure their cards are above the minimum spec, update their graphics drivers, and check that Visual C++ Redist 2010 was installed, but has since deployed an experimental patch to address issues.

The patch focuses on frame rate stuttering, AMD processor support, mouse jittering, and Alt-Tab crashes; it also warns players if they attempt to play on an unsupported graphics card.

It is accessible by bringing up the Properties of the game in Steam, hitting the Betas tab, and using the code "3xperimental" to access the beta build.

A final version of the patch will release next week.

At time of publication, No Man's Sky had a Steam user rating of "mixed," with nearly 42% of user reviews falling into the "negative" category.