PlayStation Neo will be revealed at an event in New York City on September 7, according to French gaming site Gameblog and Vice Gaming.

Citing "multiple sources familiar with the planned rollout for the new machine", Vice is reporting that the upcoming event will be a "technical showcase", that Sony has only recently finalised what will be shown, and that dev kits will be sent to studios at around the same time.

Vice said that its sources are not authorised to speak publicly about Sony's plans – thus the anonymity.

Kotaku's Patrick Klepek first reported on rumours of an upgraded PlayStation 4 – codenamed "Neo" – in March.

Sony confirmed the device was in the works on June 13, and said Neo will offer 4K resolution, richer graphics, and will come at a higher price point than the current PS4 console.

Neo won't have its own exclusives. Rather, every game that runs on Neo will run on a vanilla PlayStation 4.