No Man's Sky composer 65daysofstatic has announced the first stage of a new world tour in support of the game's soundtrack.

The band has confirmed dates for the No Man's Sky Tour 2016 Part One on its official site.

No Man's Sky's composers take soundtrack on tour
Cover art for No Man Sky's upcoming Music for an Infinite Universe album

Beginning in the Netherlands from October 17, the first part of the tour will conclude in Glasgow on November 18. Only European dates have been confirmed at this point, however the band is promising "many, many more to come".

Tickets go on sale from June 29.

65daysofstatic have spent the last two years working with Hello Games to produce raw music for an "insane A.I. composer-in-the-machine" that will then generate No Man's Sky's soundtrack procedurally in the same fashion as the game's world creation system.

A two-part album for the soundtrack is set to release at the same time as the game and will feature almost two hours of music. The first part, titled Music for an Infinite Universe will feature 10 songs, while the second part will consist of soundscapes.

Singles Red Parallax and Supermoon from the upcoming album are available on Soundcloud.

No Man's Sky was originally aiming for release on June 21, but has since been delayed, possibly in relation to a "secret, stupid" legal suit over its name.

The game releases to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 10, with pre-orders currently available at Mighty Ape.