From October onwards, all games that ship for PlayStation 4 will contain a mode that allows them to run better on the “PlayStation 4.5”.

That’s according to a Giant Bomb report on the much-rumoured console, which is apparently codenamed “NEO” (the PSVR was codenamed “Morpheus” – geddit?).

NEO won’t get exclusive games or replace the PS4, but instead will use its superior CPU clock speed, GPU, and RAM (the exact specs of which you can see at Giant Bomb) to run some games at 4K/UltraHD resolutions, at better fidelity at 1080p, and at better frame rates.

In fact, Sony stipulates in a document received by Giant Bomb that frame rates on the NEO must be equal or greater than those on PS4 regardless of fidelity or resolution.

Titles that are already on the market can be patched to take advantage of the NEO.

Because the NEO and PS4 users must be able to play each other online, the online user experience on each will be the same: they will use the same Store, and there won’t be gameplay options or unlockables exclusive to the NEO.

However, the NEO can obviously run improved versions of games, and so for example could handle more players in a local co-op game.

The NEO will apparently sell for US$399, but there is no suggestion of a release window. just yet.