No Man's Sky will be a full-priced game, and pre-orders will open tomorrow, according to a now-deleted post on the US PlayStation blog.

The entry listed the hotly anticipated procedurally-generated universe exploration game as costing US$59.99, and "out 3/3 [in North America]."

Given how improbable a surprise release is, especially since the game has thus far targeted June 2016 for release, the date likely refers to the opening of pre-orders.

US$59.99 (approximately AU$80 / NZ$90) is an unusually high price for a digital indie title, but then again, No Man's Sky has been in development a long time, and in a sense offers a practically limitless array of content.

Since securing it for PS4, Sony has treated the game as a prestige title, promoting it heavily at trade shows and news conferences.

No Man's Sky will (probably) still be released in June for PS4 and PC.

No Man's Sky to be full-priced, says PlayStation blog leak