A survey being circulated by Sony may indicate some features the company could add to its PS4 console in the future.

Sony hopes to find out information about what its users want through the survey, though results are non-binding.

The poll options includes a number of long-desired features.

Notifications when friends come online
PS2 classics
PS1 classics
"Appear offline" mode
Hide / completely remove items from library (eg demos)
Delete items from your library
Filtering options in game libraries (eg installed only, download only, genre)
Download avatars on PS4
Custom backgrounds
Store wishlist
Increase max number of people in a party
Change PSN ID

The PS4 currently has no backwards compatibility options with PS2 or PS1 games, though some have been remade for the console and some PS3 titles are available via its PlayStation Now streaming service.

The survey also asks users when they would expect the next major PS4 update, which will be version 4.00.

PlayStation 4 system software version 3.00 was released September 2015.