The next PlayStation 4 firmware update adds Suspend & Resume functionality and a host of social features to the console.

System Software Update Version 2.50, codenamed ‘Yukimura’, will allow players to suspend and resume games near-instantly with a touch of the power button, which puts the console into standby mode without interrupting a game session.

Other key features include 60fps streaming for both Remote and Share Play, the arrival of Facebook friend finder features, and the ability to share footage directly to Dailymotion.

Screenshots will automatically be taken when a trophy is earned, making it easier for players to share their greatest gaming moments with friends.

In addition, subaccounts can now be promoted to master accounts, and players who turn 18 will be prompted via the UI to provide the updated information required to graduate to a master account.

Sony also said: “Users will also be able to assign custom button configurations for the DualShock 4 wireless controller to suit their particular needs, ensuring all Player’s have a control setup that fits their habits and play-styles,” but didn't elaborate further.

We'll find out exactly what that means when Yukimura is released – "soon" according to Sony.