Space exploration title No Man’s Sky has remained something of an enigma since its announcement last year, but details are finally surfacing about its gameplay.

In an interview with Game Informer (as reported by Venturebeat), Hello Games managing director Sean Murray revealed a number of things about the game, due out on Windows PC and PlayStation 4 next year.

Here are 30 facts about the game, in no particular order:

1. No Man’s Sky’s universe is infinite.
2. You can only have one ship.
3. You can’t customise your ship — but you can find one that you like.
4. Earth isn’t present, but you might find something close to it.
5. You can play with your friends.
6. You can take pictures.
7. You can swim underwater.
8. You can chop down a tree.
9. You can choose to be a pacifist, but you might still be attacked.
10. Some planets are the size of Earth.

11. You might visit a “dud” planet.
12. You have a health bar.
13. You can land on asteroids.
14. The game features black holes.
15. You will sometimes get bored playing it.
16. It has no downloadable content.
17. You can’t select the gender of your character.
18. Not all planets can sustain life.
19. You can’t collect plants.
20. You can’t build a shelter.

21. You can’t teleport to your ship.
22. You can’t build a space station.
23. It has a shop.
24. It has no NPCs.
25. You can’t terraform a planet.
26. You can’t destroy a planet.
27. You face many objective markers.
28. You won’t notice any gravity differences between planets — your suit compensates.
29. You can’t reach the edge of the universe: “You can go into the darkness for as long as you want.”
30. You can’t ride a dinosaur.

These tidbits follow news that No Man's Sky will be so big, and its playerbase so dispersed, that it's highly unlikely players will be able to team up with their friends and explore together.