No Man's Sky will be so big, and its playerbase so dispersed, that it's highly unlikely players will be able to team up with their friends and explore together.

"People keep asking us about multiplayer and I think when people see this they are going to fully realize what it means to be that far away from somebody else who’s playing," Hello Games's Sean Murray told Game Informer.

"People keep saying to us, ‘Yeah, but what if I knew where they were? Would I go there?’ And it’s like, yeah, but they are going to have to stay there for quite a while while you get over there. And then once you get over there you might land on the same planet and then you will say, ‘I’m on a planet the size of Earth and I am on a mountain. Where are you?’ Which is, I know, a weird thing and it’s a daunting thing."

Murray stressed that No Man's Sky is unlike other games on the market. It isn't an MMO, he said.

"People are coming into that lobby and leaving it – like if you play Watch Dogs or something like that. Effectively, we have players joining your discrete space."

"We’re not trying to make an MMO where you can play with literally 60,000 people on screen. We handle the case like where other people can fly past in your game or that you can bump into other players in the game."

"We keep talking about Jack’s dad from Lost, basically just to see them in the distance. Like, ‘Did I? What?’"

No Man's Sky is coming to PC and PS4 in 2015.