Sony finally unveiled the design of its PlayStation 4 console during the company's E3 press conference today.

The box itself was conspicuously absent when Sony "revealed" the PlayStation 4 in February.

The design appears to draw inspiration from the angular wedge shape of the PlayStation 2, with the main body being a parallelogram in form. It can be placed horizontally or used in vertical orientation using a stand.

"The PS4 features a simple but modern design accentuated by its linear flat form factors," claims Sony. "The surface of the PS4 body is subdivided into four sections, as if four blocks are stacked together making one figure, with disc slot, buttons, power indicator and vent placed within the slim interspace created between the sections.

"The power indicator designed atop the body will glow in a PlayStation blue color when the power button is turned on," Sony continues. "The foreside and backside of the body is slightly angled; it not only gives users easy access to the power button and disc slot when placed either horizontally or vertically but also helps conceal the connected cables."

The console comes with one wireless DualShock 4 controller and a PlayStation Camera.