Metro: Last Light is perhaps the most visually arresting game in existence, says its publisher.

When questioned about the game's next-gen ambitions by Eurogamer, Deep Silver's Huw Beynon said that the game was coming to a next-gen system: the PC.

"If someone asks me are we doing a next-gen version - well, yes we are. It's the PC. We're one of the few studios out there that have a proven piece of tech that's built for high-end PCs,” he said.

“I firmly believe that the PC version of Metro: Last Light is one of, if not the best looking game you can actually buy, period, at the moment.

“We're still proud of how we've managed to adapt that for the current generation of consoles."

"It looks fantastic on 360 as well, but [on PC] you have a different potential that you can hit.”

Metro: Last Light "one of, if not the best looking game you can actually buy"

Deep Silver hadn’t ruled out a PlayStation 4 version, Beynon added.

"It would be a business decision at the end of the day," he said.

"It'll depend a lot on what the studio wants to do next. I don't doubt it's something we could do, but it's not something that's actively happening at the moment."

Last Light was picked up by Deep Silver following the bankruptcy of THQ.

"It's been an interesting few months watching the THQ situation unfold, and the uncertainty surrounding that," said Beynon.

"I'm kind of delighted with the instant enthusiasm and commitment shown by Deep Silver. It's been disruptive for the studio - there's a lot of paperwork, figuring out how their QA works. There's some learning to be done there, but we've got a bit more time to figure that stuff out."

Metro: Last Light is due out on Windows PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on May 17.