The Madden franchise hasn’t innovated over the last few years, EA has admitted.

"I do believe that Madden did not have the level of innovation that some of our other franchises have had," said EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson.

That said, “they were significantly more than roster updates," he added.

This year would be different, of course, with EA making “hands down” the largest investment in any Madden game to date.

The core gameplay team was 50 per cent bigger than last year, but much of the money went elsewhere, according to Wilson.

“There is a lot of investment that goes outside of core gameplay when you think about connected-careers, everything about online seasons and cross-platform play.”

Madden NFL 13 featured all-new physics, as well as voice integration on the Xbox, he said.

"Our expectation is that when you focus on building great games for the consumer, everything else takes care of itself.”

Madden NFL 13 is expected around August 31.