No Man's Sky has seen a precipitous drop in active players following its launch two weeks ago, according to statistics from SteamDB and SteamSpy.

Although its all-time peak Steam player count of 212,620 - recorded on release day - represented the largest Steam launch of the year, it has since lost 92 percent of its concurrent players, falling to a current (at time of publication) 24-hour peak of 16,510.

That still places No Man's Sky in the top 20 games on Steam, by 24-hour peak player count, but only just.

Decreases in player counts are not unusual for major titles, whose players typically binge-play new games over their release weekend.

Other major PC releases this year also saw sizeable decreases over their first two weeks, though none quite so severe as No Man's Sky's.

The Division's active player count dropped by 36% over its first two weeks; Dark Souls III, by 45%; Total War: Warhammer, by 55%; and XCOM 2, 64%.

Even Battleborn, whose player base flatlined following the release of Blizzard's competitor Overwatch, only lost 51% of its concurrent players in its first two weeks.

The steepness of No Man's Sky's player loss can likely be attributed to its unusually high starting point, as well as player dissatisfaction over "missing" features and PC performance.

Gameplanet's Ben Allan gave the game a 6.0/10, saying that while it is "by no means a terrible game, it just feels unfinished and empty."

PlayStation 4 numbers were not available for this story.