It’s been well over a year since we heard anything significant about co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite, and that’s because it has been leapfrogged by third-person MOBA, Paragon, Epic says.

Speaking with Game Informer, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said his company had shifted resources from Fortnite to Paragon to get the latter out in an awesome state.

"We figure we should start with one major successful launch and do one at a time,” he said. “Fortnite will be next."

That said, Fortnite is still moving ahead full-speed, Sweeney added.

"It's a game with awesome and complex RPG type systems, and a really interesting meta game around it,” he said.

“It's a game that takes time to get right. It remains a huge priority for Epic, and expect more news to come out over time."

Fortnite is currently in closed alpha.

Paragon will support cross-platform play between console and PC, and accounts will synchronise between platforms. It is currently in paid early access for PS4 and PC, and a free open beta is slated for sometime in autumn.