Hello again, everyone. On Tuesday, Matt gave you all an outline of our review schedule for the next couple of weeks. Today I wanted to update that and share with you our plans for one review in particular, a game that has just gone live overnight: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

Due to their size and complexity, MMOs are notoriously difficult things to review. In the past, we've given our reviewers two to three weeks to try to soak up as much of any one game as possible before sharing an opinion, but generally the feedback from both our writers and from you has been that it's not enough time to be comprehensive.

We've taken that feedback onboard and we intend to approach things a little differently with Warlords of Draenor.

Our review will be carried out by Alan Bell, who has been playing World of Warcraft from the very beginning, and who has characters levelled to 90 in every class. Rather than presenting you with a single, finite review some time in December, Alan will be keeping a diary and publishing entries on Gameplanet once a week. In these entries he'll explore different aspects of the game, for example dungeons, professions and quest design, or perhaps PvP and raids.

We'd like you to be a part of this review diary as well. Alan will be active in the community, engaging with your opinions, taking on your feedback, and hearing your suggestions for areas of the game you'd like to see examined each week. Once we've all spent a month together turning over stones in Draenor, Alan will retreat to his fortress of solitude and begin to mull over a final score.

Alan's Gameplanet username is Phantom, and you can also find him on Twitter @phantomobot.

As always, if you have any questions, comment below or tweet us @GameplanetAU, send us a message on Facebook, or drop us an email.