Star Citizen has accumulated more than $17 million in pledges from over 236,668 backers, making it the most successful crowdfunding project of any kind.

Overnight, the team behind the PC space simulator announced that funding had jumped from $15 million to $17 million, and that as a result, all backers would now receive a ship upgrade including an engine modifier and the battlecruiser ship class.

Star Citizen has raced past the previous crowdfunding record holder, the $10.3 million-funded Pebble Watch.

At $18 million, backers will receive an “exclusive star system.”

Star Citizen is a sci-fi trading and combat simulator set in a persistent universe. It is in development at Cloud Imperium Games, and is the brainchild of Chris Roberts, an auteur developer known for his previous work on titles such as Wing Commander and Freelancer.