It looks like Maxis is toying with the idea of allowing offline play and larger cities in SimCity.

Following a disastrous launch, SimCity was widely criticised for requiring an Internet connection, as well as for the small size of its cities, among other things.

Amid the outrage, Maxis claimed that an offline mode was “just not possible”, despite claims to the contrary.

With the appearance of a mod that allowed offline play, the company finally admitted that an offline mode was possible, but that it did not fit with its vision for the game.

It now seems that Maxis’ vision is negotiable.

A survey sent to select SimCity players has been published online by a Reddit user, and it asks players to express their feelings regarding an offline mode and larger cities in the game, among other things.

Offline mode – referred to as ‘Classic Mode’ – is detailed thus: “In offline or online mode, play a single functioning city using cheats and unlocks allowing you to create the perfect city”.

The survey also seeks feedback on the inclusion of a terraforming tool, the ability to import Sims from The Sims, DLC that would allow for “green” cities, and more.