Team Fortress 2′s Mann vs Machine mode will now punish those who abandon games.

As detailed in an FAQ on the Team Fortress site, those who repeatedly abandon matches will find themselves placed in a low priority matchmaking pool and will experience longer matchmaking times.

According to the post, a player is considered to have abandoned a game if they leave an official server without playing a single wave to completion or failure, and at least four other players are present.

Players who exit a match via the disconnect button will see a prompt which confirms whether they are considered to have abandoned a game or not.

Those who leave by other means such as via a console command or by accepting a Steam invite will be thought of as having abandoned the game and no prompt will be displayed.

Those who drop from a game due to connectivity issues or a crash have three minutes to rejoin or possibly be penalised.

Those kicked for inactivity will be considered to have quit intentionally, but those vote-kicked will not.