Guild Wars 2 is adding pay-to-enter tournaments and rentable practice arenas to its player-versus-player mode.

In a post on the official Guild Wars site, systems designer Jonathan Sharp outlined the additions, which sit alongside the game’s free PvP tournament offerings.

Tickets are required for entry into paid tournaments, which may be purchased in the gem store, found in reward chests from free tournaments, or received when players rank up.

Paid tournaments will reward all teams rather than just the top four like free tournaments do, offer better rewards on average, and don’t feature matchmaking.

“We expect that more experienced PvP players will start to migrate to paid tournaments because the risk/reward is much higher than in the free automated tournaments,” said Sharp.

Rent-able custom arenas are also coming to the game, and will provide a place for teams to practice in private on maps of their choosing. Scrims can also be hosted.

“You can open the server up to everyone and set the map rotation you like best, or keep your arena password-protected so it serves as your private training ground,” said Sharp.

“We expect custom arenas will be a massive boon to the PvP community. These rentable arenas will allow you to break up into teams, have a place to call your own, and allow you to organize your own private tournaments.”

“We’ve seen on the forums that new players feel intimidated when fighting more experienced players, and experienced players want to meet up against each other more often when playing tournaments,” he added.

“By having both free and paid automated tournaments, we help those two player bases find what they want more easily.”

Sharp also hinted that leaderboards, spectator and streaming functions, and larger tournaments were on the horizon for the game.