Planetside 2’s finalised subscription benefits have been outlined by Sony.

Feedback from the Planetside community influenced the game’s membership rewards, which include access to the priority login queue, early access to cosmetic items in the game’s store, and 500 StationCash each month.

Paying a subscription also gives players a stats boost which increases monthly for the first six months of a subscription.

Resource gain, experience gain, and passive cert point gain are all boosted by 25 per cent initially, with an extra five per cent boost added each month for the first six months of membership. This will bring the total boost for each stat to 50 per cent after six months.

Those who buy a six month membership up front will receive the 50 per cent benefit immediately. Should a subscription lapse, a player has 30 days to renew it before losing their current bonus level.

Feedback from the Planetside community facilitated the removal of increased resource pool caps for subscribers, after complaints that such a system would unfairly advantage members over those playing the game for free.

A Planetside 2 subscription costs US$14.99 (AU$14.67) per month. The game is due to launch before the end of this year.