Riot Games has established an honour system for League of Legends in the hope of cleaning up its notoriously hostile community.

After every matchmade game, players now have the ability to give Honor to both teammates and enemies as acknowledgement that they played in a respectful, friendly, or helpful manner.

“Your total Honor represents your ongoing commitment to making games better for your fellow summoners,” said Riot.

“It’s not a currency, and you can’t spend it – we’re going to experiment with some potential bonuses to being an honorable summoner in the future.”

The amount of Honor a player may assign is limited, but it replenishes after each completed matchmade game.

Further, the biggest gains are made the first time a player received Honor from another, with subsequent honorings between the two bringing diminishing returns.

Spamming or trading Honor resets a player’s Honor level to zero.

Riot Games has focussed on its community issues recently, banning a player from the European Finals for bad behaviour, bolstering its Player Behavior and Justice team, and adding a cognitive neuroscientist and a behavioural psychologist to its ranks.