Kiwi action RPG Path of Exile is opening its doors to the public this weekend to give the game’s servers another “harder” stress test.

The game’s servers will be open to all from Saturday July 28 at 10am EST until Monday July 30 at 4:59pm EST.

All of Exile’s closed beta content will be accessible, which includes two acts repeated over four difficulties (about 69 levels worth of content), the Act 2 boss fight, six character classes, approximately 70 active skills, as well as 40 support gems and hundreds of types of items.

“We need to test to see if we can handle larger number of players in the lead-up to Open Beta,” read a statement on the game’s official site.

“Our intention is to allow users to log on freely until we encounter stability issues. At that point, we’ll place a player limit at a stability threshold and attempt to resolve any issues.”

From there, player numbers will incrementally increase until more issues arise.

“This process should help us find and resolve stability issues while also allowing people to play the game without overloading the servers,” Grinding Gear said.

As with previous stress tests, special events will also take place, details of which are to be announced soon.

Those wishing to remain in the game can donate to the project to gain closed beta access.

More information on the stress test weekend is available on Path of Exile’s official site.