Runic Games’ founder Travis Baldree has taken to the Torchlight II forum to explain why the game isn’t on shelves yet.

The game was at one time expected to be available well before competitor Diablo III, which has been available since May 15.

The studio is was well aware of fans' growing impatience, said Baldree, but mentioned that Runic had been "deliberately vague" about a launch date.

He cited changes to the skill system following beta testing, as well as the need for general polish as reasons for the delay.

“We've talked about the skill changes in previous posts, but to recap, the gist is that there isn't a 'tree' per se.

"Skills are made available for investment by level, but their unlock level is no longer determined by vertical positioning in the tree, which gives us more flexibility to place them where we want them,” he said.

Other skill tweaks included "making bonuses interesting" and “just generally making sure that everything feels good and is reasonably balanced”.

Those eagerly awaiting the title can take heart in the fact that the game is technically playable from start to finish.

“All of the levels are there, stitched together to form a game,” said Baltree.

“Polish means taking that and making sure that the individual monsters are fun to fight, that their groupings work well together, that we expose balance issues late in the game.”

Torchlight II's release date is still unknown.