Fire Emblem: Three Houses box art

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Intelligent Systems
9.5/ 10
Fire Emblem: Three Houses had me completely hooked from when I first picked it up, right up until the end. The ability to train your units in extremely flexible ways in addition to throwing away the old weapon triangle has made combat so much more interesting to engage with. The teaching and monthly schedule provided a welcome respite from the battles, making each one feel so much more engaging. Despite the series continuing to suffer from two-dimensional writing for their characters, I still had a lot of fun taking my favourites to tea and pairing them off together. This is a fantastic installment for returning fans or newcomers playing for the first time.
Reviewed on Switch

Friday 26 July

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review
Cerise tackles the dangers of mixing school with warfare in this strategic JRPG gem.