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Guitar Hero co-creator believes the next console is a mobile phone
NEWS “We are doing the next evolution.”
Serious Sam dev rails against Windows 8's "walled garden"
NEWS Certification concerns.
THQ may be up for sale
NEWS Evaluating "strategic alternatives".
THQ delays South Park, Company of Heroes 2, Metro Last Light
NEWS Quality concerns.
Gaming stereotypes are "f**king stupid" - Remember Me creative director
NEWS White dudes with guns are so 1995.
PC, 360, PS3
Action: Third-Person
Skyrim's next DLC is "Dragonborn"
NEWS Coming December.
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Real Time
Gaming moving from AAA towards "systemic depth" – Splinter Cell director
NEWS "A reality check for developers."
Money is secondary to creativity - Hotline Miami creator
NEWS Wants to fund larger games, however.
X-COM creator remaking turn-based classic Chaos: The Battle of Wizards
NEWS In full 3D via the Unity Engine.
ShootMania Storm gets a release date
NEWS Beta sign-ups open now.
Cypress Hill pretender fails to successfully sue Rockstar
NEWS Also: new GTA 5 art!
PC, 360, PS3
Action: Third-Person
Nintendo announces nation-wide Wii U tour
NEWS Try it out before launch.
Wii, WiiU
Rhode Island suing those responsible for 38 Studios loan
NEWS Taxpayers massively out of pocket.
Third-party games to play large role in Wii U success - Nintendo
NEWS Mario can only do so much.
Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel will not feature competitive multiplayer
NEWS Visceral doubles down on co-op campaign.
PlayStation 4 dev kit detailed
NEWS Aiming for affordable.
Ouya on track, gets OS upgrade
NEWS Initial printed circuit board run complete.
Wikipad gaming tablet delayed on eve of launch
NEWS Refinement required.
Designed For Danger adds eight levels to Portal 2
NEWS A new path through Aperture.
PC, 360, PS3
Action: First-Person
Developers should be more mindful of gender roles - 343 boss
NEWS In-game depictions shape community behaviour.
Action: First-Person
Warfighter sells below expectations
NEWS EA stands behind product.
Publisher attitude toward mods "doesn't make sense" – Black Mesa project lead
NEWS Long-term perspective required.
Origin grows 43 per cent in one quarter
NEWS 30 million registered.
DLC roundup: Happy Wars, Hotline Miami, Dungeon Defenders, and more
NEWS Dance Central goes Gangnam Style.
Borderlands exploit deletes fellow players' save files
NEWS Stranger danger.
PC, 360, PS3
Action: First-Person
Cliffy B offers to "fix" the Resident Evil franchise
NEWS Hey, someone needs to.
Disney acquires LucasArts as part of Lucasfilm deal
NEWS Mad crossover potential.
Assassin's Creed III multiplayer mode features microtransactions
NEWS All about Benjamin, the Benjamins.
360, PS3, WiiU
Action: First-Person
Xbox Live adds NBA Game Time app for Gold subscribers
NEWS Highlights, stats and more.
GTA V due next autumn
NEWS Xbox 360 and PS3.
PC, 360, PS3
Action: Third-Person