A Kickstarter initiative has been launched for Grim Dawn, a Diablo-alike action-RPG by the developers of Titan Quest.

Helmed by former Iron Lore Entertainment lead developer Arthur Bruno, Crate Entertainment seeks US$280,000 to complete development on Grim Dawn.

Pitched as a gritty and realistic hack’n’slasher, Grim Dawn is built on Titan Quest’s engine and focuses on presenting an open-world with randomised elements.

“At its core, Grim Dawn strives to perfect the magical formula of fast-paced, satisfying combat, strategic character development and frenzied loot collection that defines the genre,” writes Crate.

“However, we don't know of too many (or any?) ARPGs that let you make meaningful quest decisions and allow you to earn favor or go to war with different NPC factions. Have you ever been able to repair bridges to unlock new areas in whatever order you choose? With so many stylized ARPGs coming out now, we think our gritty art style and realistic world also help to define us.”

Pledges begin at US$18, which will secure the backer a discount on the final game, delivered DRM-free as a digital download.

At the time of writing, Grim Dawn has received $US98,446 from 2,204 backers. There are 30 days to go.

As has become standard, Crate Entertainment has created a video to woo prospective backers. Unusually, this one includes pre-alpha footage of the game: