Kiwi developers Grinding Gear Games has announced the next major expansion for Path of Exile.

Set to arrive on March 13 for PC, and the following week on PS4 and Xbox One, Delirium will add several exciting new features for fans.

Path of Exile: Delirium will feature a new item, aptly dubbed The Mirror of Delirium. When touched, the mirror puts your character in a "delirium" status which causes monsters, mist and other horrors to manifest. Monsters fought in the mist will be tougher, thanks to buffs and dynamic difficulty, and will also spawn powerful demons.

As players travel further into the mist, encounters will become increasingly difficult, but will also drop improved loot as a reward. Triggering Delirium in different areas will offer different loot, with players later gaining an item called Orbs of Delirium. These Orbs can be stacked up to five times on end-game maps, providing an even more significant challenge. Delirium can affect any encounter in the game, so it should offer a decent challenge on some of the more difficult bosses.

The Delirium expansion will also add a new item type called Cluster Jewels. These can be used to further customise the passive skill-tree by creating new paths. Cluster Jewel will be randomly generated from a pool of "280 new notables."

As far as the story goes, Grinding Gear are understandably keeping details scarce. For more on Path of Exile: Delirium, check out the trailer below.