The final event before Destiny 2's upcoming expansion will launch next week, and will see the return of Solstice of Heroes.

Solstice of Heroes will start from July 30, after the weekly reset concludes the current Iron Banner event.

The upgradeable armour sets from last year's Solstice event are making a return – with a slight makeover – and will again require players to complete objectives in order to upgrade the respective sets.

Solstice gear will progress from Drained, to Renewed, to Majestic, and then Masterwork as guardians progress through challenges.

Thankfully, all this work won't go to waste, as Bungie has confirmed they will be carrying over into the new armour 2.0 system that is being introduced in the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion.

The new 2.0 armour system will allow players to keep their cosmetic appearance from a gear set, while incorporating attributes from another armour piece.

In addition to the Solstice gear sets, players can participate in a new activity set in the European Aerial Zone (EAZ) that tasks a group of three guardians with killing as many minibosses as possible in a set timeframe. When the timer expires players must defeat a final boss before they can explore the area for treasure chests. The number of chests that spawn will depend on the number of minibosses defeated within the set time.

Throughout the Solstice event there will be daily elemental buffs of solar, void, or arc damage that will give players an added boost to their gameplay. Solar will cause players to radiate a wave of energy that damages nearby enemies, arc will allow players to move faster and deal increased melee damage, while void will turn players invisible, increase ability regen, and allow them to see through walls.

A number of other cosmetic rewards will be available throughout the event as well, including ships, emotes, and ghost appearances. Bungie noted that these cosmetic items would be available in the Eververse store for microtransactions, but that they would all be available for Bright Dust at some point throughout the event. Bright Dust is a currency that can be earned without paying real-money.

Guardians will have until August 27 to participate in the event and claim their rewards, while Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases September 17.