Sony has released the latest episode of it's State of Play, and there's nothing huge in the way of announcements. Check it out below. (the episode starts around the 8:30 mark).

The episode opened with an extended look at Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion, which will task players with hunting new beasts in a new snow covered biome.

Riverbond, a co-op dungeon crawler featuring characters from other popular indie games was shown off, but looks like the same kind of game we've seen a hundred times before.

Predator Hunting Grounds, a new project from PlayStation Worldwide Studios will be an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter that will see players teaming up to take down everyone's favourite dreadlocked alien killing machine.

The MediEvil Remake continues to look like a wonderful dose of nostalgic goodness but mechanically looks very much like a game from a bygone era. The game is set to release on October 25.

Next up was Away: The Survival Series, which looks to put players in the paws of a small animal (some kind of flying squirrel/lemur/badger hybrid) and tasks you with surviving natural disasters as you make your way to sanctuary.

A limited Edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 in steel grey console is coming in June but will be very limited.

Last but not least, Sony offered eager fans another look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake and reminds us that we may actually get to play the game before 2030. I'll believe it when I see it. Square Enix is teasing more news to come this June, so hopefully, we finally get blessed with a confirmed release date.

That's a wrap. Nothing too noteworthy, but with E3 just around the corner, I'm hoping Sony releases another State of Play around the same time with some big news and announcements. Fingers crossed!

Note from the EditorIt turns out the animal in Predator Hunting Grounds is a Sugar Glider. I just don't watch enough Planet Earth...