Wizards of the Coast, the folks responsible for Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons have announced that it is opening a new studio, to be lead by former BioWare creative director, James Ohlen.

During his time at BioWare, Ohlen worked on some of the studios biggest series including KOTOR, Dragon Age, and Baldur's Gate, but left the studio last year, stating that he needed to spend some time out of the game industry.

Speaking with Gamesindustry.biz, Ohlen stated "I had pretty well turned down most opportunities for interviews to get back into the industry, but I talked to Wizards of the Coast president Chris Cocks, and he gave me a scenario that was very intriguing and interesting, so I flew up to Seattle and sat down with Wizards of the Coast for six hours of interviews. It was like the scene out of The Godfather where it was an offer that was too good to refuse."

Obviously, it's too early to announce what the new studio will be working on, but Ohlen says "I think it's more personal than the projects I was working on in the latter half of my career at BioWare/EA," and that "the first step is to build a franchise that will endure, like Magic and D&D, and we'll figure out the right platforms for that world to express itself over the years to come."

Wizards have had a solid run recently, seeing increasing popularity in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Being the massive MTG fan I am, I'm intrigued to see what this new studio has cooking.

Check out the full interview over at Gamesindustry.biz