Fortnite's Winter Royale is off to a rough start, mostly thanks to an overpowered weapon that's left a sour taste in the mouth of those competing in the USD$1 million tournament.

Patch 7.01 released yesterday and introduced the Infinity Blade weapon to matches.

A player wielding the Infinity Blade will have both health and shield buffed to 200, while also gaining the ability to jump huge distances and deal 75 damage with each swing.

Surprisingly, a near-invincible character that can catch you in a single jump and slice through you in seconds has left some players less than impressed.

That frustration is understandable, even more so when you factor in the Winter Royale's USD$1 Million tournament prize pool.

Those competing have been grinding for the last two months in order to qualify, only to have patch 7.01 drop just days before the finals.