Announced way back in 2013 when the world was a better place, Capybara Games' incredible looking roguelike dungeon crawler Below has seen numerous delays, but will finally see the light of day on December 14.

in a chat with Games Industry biz, co-founder and President of Capybara, Nathan Vella was open about the fact that they announced the game far too early.

"We're definitely not going to announce things too early [in future], that's for sure. That's the No.1 learning. We know a lot more about when games are ready to be discussed. In the five years since we announced, we've learned a lot and that's a big chunk of our experience."

When asked if he thought the long lead up to release would harm the game's sales, Vella stated "I have no idea how it's going to perform, that's why I can't really be afraid of it. I think we have something that some people are going to love and some people are not going to like, and I think that's a strength."

I've had my eye on Below ever since it was first announced and am excited to get my hands on what looks to be a beautiful and satisfyingly challenging adventure.

Check out the fantastic launch trailer below!