Media Molecule's long-in-development Dreams is finally getting a beta, although details are still quite vague.

Talk regarding the beta came from the developer's blog, where it was noted that an upcoming live stream would be centred around building a world for players to experience in an upcoming beta.

A specific date is yet to be established, but with Media Molecule stating "later this year," it doesn't leave much of a window.

The upcoming live stream will take place on November 28, with a poll currently running to decide the kind of world that will be built for the beta.

Media Molecule has been toiling away at Dreams for quite some time. Known for Little Big Planet, and Tearaway – the studio's last releases in those series were 2011 and 2013, respectively.

It's still unclear just what kind of game Dreams will be at launch, with many describing it as more of a "creation tool" than a game. But with the community of level-builders still active within Little Big Planet, it's likely Molecule are playing to this strength.