If you're anything like me, you love adventure games but often feel that koalas are grossly under represented in the genre and games as a whole.

Well thankfully, the crazy crims at Convict Games have heard the call and answered with Stone, a "hip-hop stoner noir" adventure game.

Stone will see players take on the role of a fat koala trying to retrace his steps from a drunken bender of a night to find his love, Alex, a lorikeet raver. Players will have to retrace his steps and chat with the locals for clues to Alex’s whereabouts.

During Stone's adventure players can choose between taking a “hard ass” or “soft-touch” approach while conversing with the quirky cast of characters to figure out what the [redacted] happened last night. I can imagine Stone taking place in the same universe as Bojack Horseman, with its wild cast of "trash-talking animals with hilarious accents and substance abuse problems".

Greg Louden, Writer, Director & Chief Convict at Convict Games stated "It's like Firewatch and Grim Fandango mixed with The Big Lebowski in summary. No shooting, no jumping, just persuading, dancing, smoking and drinking".

Well bloody hell mate, sign me up right now.

Honestly, call the docta because this game looks fully sick. Check out the stylish trailer for Stone below!

Stone has a release window of Fall 2018. We'll be keeping our eyes on this one.