It's time to crack your knuckles and tighten that bandana, 'cause Streets of Rage 4 is on its way.

Publisher DotEmu broke the news today, confirming that a new entry in the classic SEGA franchise is in the hands of developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games.

Character mainstays Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding will be making their return in a new game that – if the trailer is any indication – will feature stunning hand-drawn visuals.

The last title in the series, Streets of Rage 3, released in 1994 on the SEGA Genesis, so it's good to see the franchise dusted off and shown some love.

In addition to updated visuals, Streets of Rage 4 will feature new mechanics, a fresh story, and new stages jam-packed full of crime.

While there's been no mention of a release date or which platforms Streets of Rage 4 will release to, we're thinking it's safe to rule out SEGA Genesis.