Keeping track of your choices throughout Telltale's The Walking Dead series can be a bit of a mission. Not only have players chosen from vast array of narrative paths, those choices might date back to 2012.

It looks like Telltale Games would agree, as the studio has just launched a story builder that walks through the events of previous seasons and allows players to make decisions at pivotal moments.

The perfect story refresher for veterans, and a great way to get up to speed for newcomers, the decisions a player makes can be downloaded for use in the upcoming The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

As always, decisions from previous games will impact the world players inhabit, but this season will see Clementine grow further than before as she steps into the role of mentor to AJ.

"For the concluding season of Clem’s story, we really wanted to move her character forward from what might be described as the bitterly angry adolescence of A New Frontier and explore what fully-grown Clem might want," lead writer James Windeler explained to The PlayStation Blog.

While The Final Season will conclude Clementine's story, Telltale aren't ruling out future entries in The Walking Dead series.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season will release on August 14, and is available to pre-order digitally on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.