I, along with most of you, have often fantasised about riding a one tonne beast with huge horns. I feel like maybe I haven't woken up yet and I'm still snuggled in bed because this news...this news is amazing.

8 to Glory, that's eight seconds (stop snickering) to glory, is set to charge through the gates on to PS4 and Xbox One on the July 31. I've often thought, do people really care about football? do we need a new Fifa every year? Now Bull Riding on the other hand, that's a real sport for gifted athletes.

Just take a look at the trailer for this gem, it's clearly got the potential to be something special. I've never seen such understated and clever use of quick time events in all of my years of gaming. David Cage, take notes buddy.

As if the prospect of trying to stay on a wild bucking bull wasn't enough to entice players, 8 to Glory allows you to take control of the bull. That's right folks, you get tasked with what is undoubtedly the biggest twist in conventional gaming. You and a friend (if you still have any after mentioning this game) can take on the role of the cowboy and the bull in a battle of attrition to be the winning species.

You'll probably be hearing a lot more about 8 to Glory, especially when game of the year conversations start happening in the months to come.