Whether you're a lapsed WoW player or someone that's looking to set foot into Azeroth for the first time, Blizzard has some good news for you.

The developer has removed the upfront price attached to buying the base game and its previous expansions, making the entire game available to those with an active subscription.

The exception to this is the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth.

The move was well overdue for a game that is about to release its seventh expansion in fourteen years. Previously, access to the latest content was locked for those that hadn't purchased all preceding expansions.

The news comes at the same time as Blizzard launches the game's expansion pre-patch, adjusting class talents, introducing the new PvP War Mode, and paving the way for story events that will begin next week.

Battle for Azeroth releases August 14, but you can read Gameplanet's preview from Alan Bell now.

And if you still haven't secured your copy for launch day, you can pre-order Battle for Azeroth from Mighty Ape.

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