If you're one of the many that's ever thought "hey, Nathan Fillion would make an awesome Nathan Drake from Uncharted", you've just struck gold.

While the official movie seems to be stuck in development hell, with the latest version starring Tom Holland as young Drake, Fillion and director Allan Ungar have partnered to create a fifteen minute fan film.

Fillion hinted at something Uncharted late last week, and delivered this morning with short film available on YouTube.

Sure, the team behind this may not have the rights, but that hasn't stopped them from creating something with great action, impressive production quality, and all the quips and one-liners you could expect from Nathan Fillion/Drake.

Support for the fan film has poured in from those involved with the game's production, including Nolan North, Neil Druckmann, and Amy Hennig

Naughty Dog's old co-president, Christophe Balestra wasn't just impressed, he also had something to say about the status of the official movie.

Who knows? Maybe Hollywood is paying attention and will take this as an audition tape. Hell, it worked for Ryan Reynolds.