It's no secret that we weren't huge fans of Sea of Thieves when it released back in March this year. In our review we gave it a 5/10, stating "Sea of Thieves isn't a complete game. Much of what's present is enchanting, but repetition will claim most before the kraken does."

We weren't alone in our opinion either, as reviews across the board were very mixed. It's no surprise then that Rare studios doubled down on adding some much needed content to the lean offering presented at launch.

In an interview with IGN, studio head Craig Duncan and design director Mike Chapman announced the team's ambitious goals for maintaining a steady flow of content for the following months and years.

“We've always talked about wanting to change perceptions of what multiplayer could be,” Chapman stated. “One way you could look at it is we've done the really hard part. And now we've got this magical opportunity to make all the areas of the game richer. And beyond The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores is coming, there's going to be three more this year as well”.

Players have already been sailing the waters of the Hungering Deep which released in May. With Cursed Sails set to release in July and the Forsaken Shores update dropping in September, players should hopefully have more reason to jump back in and experience some exciting new adventures.

It's great to see Rare committing to their game despite the less than positive reception. The news that we can expect to see three additional updates this year, on top of the previously announced ones should help sail the troubled multiplayer pirate adventure into calmer waters. It will be interesting to see if this helps Sea of Thieves bring back old fans while hopefully gaining a few new ones in the process.

What did you think of Sea of Thieves? Do these updates make you want to check it out or have you moved on to bigger and better games? Sound off in the comments below!

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