Hot on the heels of last week's Fornite and Minecraft crossplay drama, today's crossplay woes come in the form of a video interview with Bethesda's Todd Howard on German website Gamestar.

During the interview, Howard is asked about crossplay in Fallout 76, Bethessda's upcoming Online Fallout game. Howard candidly responded "We would love to do that, but right now that's not possible. Sony isn't being as helpful as we want them to be."

It's frustrating that massively influential developers like Epic Games and Bethesda can't seem to sway Sony on these decisions but there could be hope yet.

Sony's Shawn Layden last week stated "We're hearing it. We're looking at a lot of the possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I'm confident we'll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business." It'll be interesting to see what Sony's solution is. If it does anything short of allowing everyone to play together, something tells me fans will continue to voice their disappointment.

This whole topic of Sony not allowing crossplay between the big consoles is starting to get a bit long in the tooth. While I understand that Sony is protective of it's market share, the negative press and outspoken frustration of fans is clearly being felt by the companies higher-ups. It's blindingly obvious that we don't want artificial barriers stopping us from playing with our friends. Thankfully it looks like this wall in particular is slowly starting to crumble under the collective pressure of gamers around the world.

It's hard being mad at the ones we love. Well, maybe not mad, just disappointed...

What do you think about the recent conversations around crossplay? Sound off in the comments below!

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